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Common Sprinkler Problems

Some of the most common sprinkler problems that we encounter are sprinkler leaks, broken sprinkler heads, and timer issues. There are a number of reasons why your sprinklers can leak. They leak because there is a crack in a sprinkler pipe, or a broken pipe underground. This type of sprinkler problem can turn into a mess in your front or backyard. Sprinkler heads break quite often for many different reasons such as being damaged by a dog, vehicle, or lawn mower. They can also break if they are old. Sprinkler timers or clocks can malfunction for electrical reasons, being burnt out, and battery issues.

Our goal is to fix and repair your sprinklers with precision. We want to be your reliable sprinkler team whenever you need us and welcome referrals from all of your friends and family. A&A Home Services provides affordable sprinkler system installation starting at just $499.00. There isn't any problem we can't handle when it comes to your sprinkler or drip system. Quality of work and ethics are of the core of our company. Call us 7 days a week with any of your sprinkler questions or problems day or night. We do offer emergency same day service on a first come first serve basis. 

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phoenix sprinkler & drip repair services

A & A Home Services provides affordable sprinklers, sprinkler repair, drip system repair and installation services in the Phoenix Area. We have a few different installation options for your sprinkler system of choice from manual to electronic. Our sprinkler system repairs start at just $99. We now offer lawn maintenance starting at just $25. Our team of Phoenix sprinkler repair and installation experts can repair your sprinkler system in minutes. We offer same day service and free phone quotes.

We are here to fix your everyday sprinkler problems. The most common Phoenix sprinkler repair we handle is broken sprinkler heads and sprinkler timer issues. A sprinkler head often becomes damaged and must be replaced during lawn maintenance. Many times the break goes unnoticed until the sprinklers are turned back on. It is easy to tell when you have a damaged sprinkler head because the water shoots up in large volume and creates a puddle surrounding the area quickly. The best way to prevent a sprinkler head replacement is to utilize caution when cutting or mowing your lawn.

There are many reasons that a sprinkler timer or clock goes bad on customers. For one, the batteries may not work, or it is time to simply replace the timer. We can provide you with a new sprinkler timer installed for only $229! We also handle many other types of repair work such as sprinkler valve replacement, sprinkler leaks, broken sprinkler pipes, and we also install sprinkler or drip systems.

Phoenix Sprinkler / Drip System Installation

A & A Home Services also provides sprinkler system installation services starting at just $499. We can install your Phoenix sprinklers in your home for less. We have over 25 years of experience in the Phoenix sprinkler industry from sprinkler system installation to sprinkler and drip system repair work in the Phoenix area. We offer Arizona sprinkler system installation services throughout the valley and service both the East Valley as well as the West Valley. Call A & A Home Services to take advantage of some of the most cost effective sprinkler system installation services in town with high quality work and very experienced Phoenix sprinkler technicians. We can provide you with a free phone quote based on your needs and total square footage of the areas you want to cover. Call A & A Home Services for all of your Phoenix sprinkler installation needs today at 623-295-2599.

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